Open Mic

Open mic is a one-of-a-kind experience. It’s the only place where you can see veteran comedians take the stage alongside those brave souls attempting comedy for the first time. As a result, you will enjoy a wild spectrum of everything between hilarity and cringe. Join us for a riotous night of chaos!

Sign up

Email one week in advance of the show on which you’d like to perform. While you may submit a video of your work, it will not necessarily improve your chances of getting a spot. If you are selected for a spot, you will receive an email with “confirmed” in the body. Unless otherwise stated, you will have 3 minutes to perform. If you are selected to perform, the $5 cover charge for the show will be waived.


If you are not selected for a spot, we encourage you to attend anyways as a) you may sign up for the stand-by list from which we will select comedians to fill in no-show spots b) it will give you the chance to see others perform and build a rapport with the local community and c) we will give out at least 5 spots to the following week’s show exclusively to comedians who attend open mic.


If you are selected, you must check in no later than 6:30pm the day of the performance.

You will be placed in one of four categories:

  • Opener: The majority of the comedians performing at open mic will be given 3 minutes of stage time
  • Host: The host will MC the show by announcing each comic and will be given 5 minutes to perform material at the beginning of the show
  • Feature: The feature comedian will be give 7 minutes of stage time near the end of the show
  • Headliner: The headliner will be given 10 minutes of stage time as the last performer of the night


  • You will be notified of which category you’re in via email when your spot is confirmed
  • Please begin wrapping up your set when you see the clock (placed in the back of the room) hit 30 seconds
  • Your name will be announced as “on deck” prior to the comedian performing right before you - please be ready to take the stage at that time


Have fun! We’re glad to have you.